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With the joy and madness that is the festive season over, I’m, more than happy to be back into the kitchen experimenting with Transformation recipes!

If you missed my Live Cooking Yesterday you can view the video above.  It's a look behind the scenes of one of my fav dishes.

This week I feature an ingredient that doesn’t often get the accolades it deserves.

When you think legumes I know you’re thinking, yeah beans taste great but the people around me soon know I’ve been eating them!

Well the legume I feature this week is delicious, easy to cook and doesn’t give people the tummy bloat or gas that many other legumes do!

This week in my Live Cooking Chat I show you how to prepare and cook mung beans in a great new Hot Pot Chicken dish.

Mung beans have a rich, buttery, nutty texture that go perfectly with so many foods but don’t give the tummy bloat or gas that other legumes can. So make sure you take a look behind the scenes of one of my fav dishes.

Each Sunday in our amazing Facebook Group I throw the phone on and do a Live Cooking Chat to share my tips and strategies. 

I hope you try this one!

Love your body!

Shar Xx

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