Rapid Sculpt FIRE Workout #6


 (Focused, Intense Resistance Exercise) the Fountain of Youth for Women! 

Rapid Sculpt FIRE workouts are designed for those after fast, efficient and effective body sculpting results along with the functional strength required for a busy, active life. 

This week's workout Rapid Sculpt FIRE Workout #6 focuses on aspects of the posterior chain.

I like to keep improving the shape of my body but I also need it to be functionally strong. The Posterior chain is often a weak point for thisand the ability to produce and transfer force. The Posterior Chain is; the hamstrings, glutes, lower and upperback.

Here are the exercises:-

• TRX Pistol Squats

• Stability Leg Curl

• Seated Cable High Row

• KB Squat Press

Pistol Squats:

I love using the TRX for unilateral leg work as I can target all the muscles that really improve leg strength and shape. The key with this exercise is to keep the focus on the working leg throughout the entire range of motion and not use the arms. The arms serve to balance on the way up and the way down. To make the exercise easier, move the planted leg closer and lean back. 

* Complete 3 working sets, 12 reps each leg, and be sure to keep the leg high in each rep!

Stability Leg Curl:

Using a Swiss Ball, there are two versions of this exercise. Start with the hands and arms down by the sides, keep the shoulder blades pinned to the floor as you curl the ball back towards you just past a 90 degree knee angle, then return the ball to a position where the legs are fully extended and the hips remain high. Once you get the hang of this movement, you may want to try raising the arms and palms extended above, it’s a lot harder.  

* Complete 10-12 reps, rest, and repeat 2 more times.

Seated Cable High Row:

The aim of this version of the cable row is to keep the elbows high, this keeps the focus off the lats and more on the rear delts, and deep scapular muscles such as the rhomboids, trapezius. This really helps work the posture and stabilizing muscles of the back. Keep the elbow position high and use a lighter weight and focus on the position of your body and the feel of the muscles involved.  

* Complete 3 sets (10-12 reps) stop when you break good form – ie, dropping elbows!

KB Squat Press:

This exercise is a multi joint, functional exercise that obviously works the legs, glutes, back and shoulders. The benefit of using one bell at a time incorporates a high degree of core strength particularly as the weight increases. This movement has another benefit of teaching force transfer from one part of the body (legs) to the other (shoulders). 

* Complete 3 sets of 10 each side.

Check out my recipe next week!

Love your Body!

Shar xxx

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