Rapid Sculpt FIRE Pull-push


FIRE (Focused Intense Resistance Exercise) the Fountain of Youth for Women!

Don't have time for your regular "chest" day or "back" day in the gym? In this workout I combine the two movements and alternate exercise selection. The result is an amazing muscle pump and the strength you feel attacking each new movement is amazing!

Here are the exercises as per the video...

  • Wide grip cable row  (MP Warm Up, followed by 2 sets of 10-6 reps)
  • Flat bench d'bell press 1set (10-6 reps), then alternate press 2 sets (10-6 reps)
  • Hammer Strength alt row 2 sets (10-6 reps each arm)
  • Standing D'bell shoulder alt press 2 sets (10-6 reps each arm)

The wide grip row is not designed to recruit the lats, it does work the deep erector and postural muscles as well as the rear delts, and I need this as my postural muscles fatigue quickly from all the stand-up-paddling I do. This is a great exercise that improves posture and co-coordinating muscles to maintain posture during movement.

After an accumulation set on the flat bench d'bell press, I perform one max-effort set. Then I'll go to 2 more sets using an alternate press which is great for unilateral strength and power transfer. Try the alternate press and feel the difference!

If you ever have the opportunity to use Hammer Strength equipment, do so! The biomechanics of Hammer Strength are excellent and offer some unique advantages in terms of overload, such as this exercise in my video - I'm really able to focus on one side of the back and scapular muscles, each rep.

Most gym enthusiast never think to alternate their dumbbell work as in my fourth and final exercise, the standing shoulder press. If you do, you will find a deep isolation and concentration on the shoulder prime-movers (deltoids, triceps) but also the scapular stabilizers (romboids, rotator-cuff muscles and serratus) really work hard. The added difficulty of standing, as apposed to seated, really make this one of the best functional exercises for 'pushing power'.

There you have it – a workout designed to correct imbalances, build strength and improve posture as well as sculpt a shapely, sexy body, all done in less than 45 minutes.

You will need to try this workout a few times, to get the feel and experience better gains each time! 

Join my amazing community group and me know how this workout felt!

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