Rapid Sculpt FIRE Workout #1


FIRE (Focused, Intense Resistance Exercise) really is the Fountain of Youth for Women!

I love my FIRE workouts but I don’t have the time in the gym I use to. I compete nationally and Internationally now in the Stand Up Paddleboard Professional Division, often up against some incredible female athletes. I needed a real edge in my FIRE training that would still give me the sculpting results I’m after but also the functional competitive edge I need for sports training.

After consulting the developer of FIRE, the good Dr Cribb we designed a system of training to meet my requirements.

Rapid Sculpt FIRE workouts are designed for those after fast, efficient and effective body sculpting results along with the functional strength required for a busy, active life.

Beginner to Advanced, the exercises in a Rapid Sculpt FIRE workout can be tailored to suit.

Rapid Sculpt FIRE Workout guidelines:

• Choose only 1-4 exercises
• Work the body functionally
• Sculpt the areas you want to improve body shape.
• Utilize an array of resistance devices as they all provide advantages.

Here is an example, the workout I did today.

Rapid Sculpt FIRE Workout #1.

• One arm Cable pulldown 3 sets, 12, 10, 6 reps (increase resistance gradually)

• TRX Push Up 3 sets of 15-8 reps (until you can’t keep good form)

• Kettlebell one-arm lunge 3 sets of 12 each leg.

Workout Objectives

I still have trouble with keep a good posture in my upper back. The One arm Cable pulldown performed in the video allows me to focus on scapula stabilization and lat recruitment for that nice v-shape back.

The TRX Push Up you see in my video provides functional chest and shoulder strength with a genuine core-stabilizing component. Best of all, it’s a perfect exercise to modify – the more up-right you are the easier the movement gets.

Kettlebell one-arm lunge is the final exercise in the video, it provides the great benefit of unilateral strength development and glute-core stability. Hold the bell firm but relaxed, don’t tense up and feel your core and side of your glutes work!

Check out what I ate after this workout.


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