The Secret to Family Friendly? Don’t Try!


We’ve been teaching the clear science of Transformation for over 25 yrs.

One of the biggest obstacles Paul and I see with people that want to improve their body and health is, their own family – those closest to them.

Yes, quite often the biggest obstacles to achieving the body and health you’ve always wanted will come from those closest to you!

Often when people around you see you changing or your confidence and self esteem growing, it can change the dynamic of relationships and even the household.

Just understand those around you do love you, it’s just natural for people to be uncomfortable.

Change is often associated with uncertainty.

It’s the uncertainty that makes those around you act differently.

The people around you don’t know where you are going or what’s really happening so their behavior often changes as a natural reaction.

Sometimes those reactions might seem negative.

“oh are you eating again! Aren’t you going to put on weight eating all that food?!”

“ What’s with the vegetables? We never use to eat that?!...”

“Go on, have a piece of chocolate cake, you look fine!”

Just understand this is quite normal, but it’s not going to help you much is it?

So this week I wanted to give you some pointers on how to cleverly, subtly ease those around you into your new lifestyle.

First of all, don’t try to preach

I know its hard, you’re all excited about your training, working with your MP Coach and the great people you meet in our community, but don’t make a big deal about what you are doing.

I know you love your workouts, how they make you feel, how exciting, easy and delicious the food is but the more you try to preach, the more those around you will probably react negatively. After all we all like to make our own minds up, none of us like to be told to ‘like something’.

Just be consistent and persistent.

Just keep doing what you are doing – your meal prep, your workouts your food recalls on-line with your MP coach...Your quiet consistency and persistency will be noticed.

Everyone respects and admires consistency and persistency. Even if they do not tell you or might not agree with your new rituals initially.

Don’t Try to Impose

Again I know this is a real hard one but don’t impose your new and better food choices on your kids, your partner or those around you. Don’t try to introduce much new at all. My suggestion is, make the meals and do your food prep from my cookbook, leave the results in the fridge and freezer, let those around you become curious...

It might take time, but they will.

Remember the best kept secret Paul always teaches about nutrition?

Food proximity – what ever is close by and easy to get to, eventually we eat it!

There is nothing more true, when it comes to food in the household!

Finally, you can start to be savvy and select the recipes from my cookbible that are very family friendly.

I’ve been aware of the ‘Family obstacle’ for a long time, that’s why my MP Cookbible, is designed to be your ‘tool box’ for infiltrating the family and getting them on board.

Italian Chicken Loaf - before....

Just 30 minutes later!

Italian Chicken Loaf is another family friendly recipe

In my cookbook I purposely incorporate....

The food ingredients I know your family loves..

Healthier versions of meals your family is familiar with and excited by!

Recipes that the whole family can get involved with and make!

So don’t forget my ‘secret’ to being family friendly – Don’t Try!

Love your Body Xx

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